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Holistic Treatments with KarenAshford Kid's Yoga Club& Karen's Yoga 

Ashford Kid's Yoga Club

"I am so impressed at the way the children responded to the yoga and massage. They were so calm afterwards and they have learnt some great techniques to help them cope with anxiety and stress." HT Bethersden Primary School


Children’s Yoga, the beginning of life’s journey with good health.


  • All the elements of traditional yoga delivered in a fun and inspiring way.
  • For nursery, infant and junior children (3-11 years old)
  • For schools in the Ashford, Ashford Rural & Tenterden District, regular lessons, workshops or clubs.

Traditional Yoga taught through storytelling, sequencing, rhyming & memory games. Emphasis on pranayama (breathing techniques), flexibility, fitness, good posture, improving concentration, health & wellbeing, fostering a sense of personal worth, being in the present moment & knowledge of the physical body. Lessons can be age appropriately linked to school curriculum. Children’s yoga, using the Yoga Bananas Technique reasonably priced.

Karen is an experienced primary and secondary school teacher (formally a Year Head and Special Needs Coordinator) as well as a fully qualified Holistic Massage and Reiki Therapist.


'The Pyramid, in the Egyptian Story.'



First attempts at Downward facing dog, Adho Mukha Svanasana.



Benefits including: strengthening the arms, wrists,  entire back, carves, Achillies tendon, cervical area of neck, deepens respiration, reduces anxiety & improves circulation.

The Tree, Vrksasana



Benefits include: strengthening the thighs, calves, strengthens your posture, relaxes the mind & central nervous system, develops balance.

“A great transition exercise for our year 6 children, lots of calming techniques for them to use when they become year 7 in their new schools.” Y6 Class Teacher

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I trained in the Yoga Bananas Technique(TM) and with the inspiring Skip Oliver. YB is an established method for teaching yoga to children incorporating, all the elements of traditional yoga in a fun, inspiring, but structured way. This technique helps children to nurture a positive image of themselves and teaches children that yoga is a science of both body and mind.


The classes aim to maintain a child's natural flexibility. There are over 170 yoga postures that children can explore, all increasing the child's physical and mental strength, stamina and poise. The YB poses such as the Crescent Moon, Stalking Cheetah improve the children's lymphatic drainage, which stimulates the immune and nervous systems. Regular yoga will result in improved health, with fewer childhood ailments.


Improved efficient breathing increases the oxygen levels in the blood, stimulating an improved circulatory system. YB teaches children breathing techniques, such as The Sun and Moon Breath, Laughing Juice and the Bubble of Love, which enhance brain function, supporting the children's learning development. The emphasis on breathing encourages the child to become more aware of the present moment, helping children in subtle ways; a normally overactive child may be able to sit for longer periods.


The YB technique helps the child to explore their creativity and imagination; there is an emphasis on developing the children's memory as well as sequential ordering through games such as Making A Sandwich, The Butterfly and The Bookshelf.

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Holistic Treatments with Karen. 

The Treatment Room, 11 Bailey Field,  Bethersden, Nr Ashford, Kent. TN26 3 AS

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